Making Cloud Management Smart and Simple


MileLync - a cloud management platform to consolidate, visualize and manage cloud assets in one platform. MileLync helps you to efficiently manage cloud cost, optimize cloud resources and make data-driven decisions.

Handle Your Daily Tasks Effectively

Better Visibility Into Cloud Spending

MileLync tidies your billing history in a consolidated dashboard in order to help you gain more insight into your spending on cloud services and detect anomaly, which allows you to have control in your cloud budget.

Instant Self-Service Support Center

MileLync provides a direct communication channel for you to get in touch with certified cloud experts, so that we make sure both your simple technical questions and complicated business situations are properly addressed.

Flexible Account Management

The account management capability of MileLync puts you in the driver’s seat. The extremely user-friendly graphic interface allows you to create groups and add members as well as assigning them roles with a simple click, giving you better control over the information across your cloud services.

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