AI-Driven Growth Strategies for Digital Native Businesses

AI is proving its potency for driving growth in digital-native businesses. In fact, it is a major contributing factor to the incredible 40% sales increase for direct-to-consumer e-commerce in 2020, even during the COVID pandemic (Source). With Gartner predicting 20% growth in end-user spending through 2022, the trend is set to continue. Visions of an “I, Robot” future with tireless electronic servants at our beck and call are not quite the reality yet, but AI and machine learning (ML) can perform a multitude of complex tasks with precision and insight.

Digital-native businesses want to take advantage of AI. With core infrastructure already firmly based in the digital space, they undoubtedly have the upper hand in leveraging AI technology. That’s where Google Cloud comes into play. Amongst the array of services are AI-enabled services tailored to various industries. Digital-native businesses can effortlessly tap into the potential of AI to optimize their current operations, particularly in streaming, gaming, and e-commerce.

Enhance Online Video quality with Google Cloud Video AI

The sheer quantity of data for video delivery is staggering, but what can digital-native businesses do to manage a lifetime's worth of video and harness that content for a better viewer experience while simultaneously meeting business goals? 

The Google Cloud Video AI creates a more engaging video experience and enhances content discovery through precise video analysis, simplified media management, and easy video app creation. With resources to recognize over 20,000 objects, places, and actions in stored and streaming video, the Video AI can extract extensive metadata at the frame, shot, and video level, and even allows for custom labels using the AutoML Video Intelligence. The Video AI also simplifies media management by allowing search using the video metadata, and can be used to index, organize, search, and filter video content for the most relevant results. Finally, add intelligence to video apps by adding live annotations to streaming video, triggering events based on objects detected in the stream, and enabling highlight reels, recommendations, and more.

❯❯ Case study: CBS Interactive

CBS Interactive used Google Video Intelligence to plug into their existing video encoding framework to generate video metadata that provided valuable insights and enabled them to enhance the overall video experience. 

Create better Gaming experience with GCP Smart Analysis Solution

Gaming and esports constitute 54% of all live streaming content, with Twitch as the largest (Source). Gaming companies can leverage AI-powered ML for churn analysis and prediction, simplified multi-market game marketing lead generation, and better gaming. 

Churn describes the portion of players who start to play a game but later stop. Attracting and retaining players is the name of the game for gaming companies, and ML churn prediction and player categorization provide insights to minimize that churn. Marketing across markets is made easier by using Google Cloud data warehouse BigQuery to predict advertising spend and marketing expenses in different regions, and detect ad fraud. ML also enhances the gaming experience with AI agents that make a better game experience for each player, delivering customized experiences based on a player’s skill level, increasing retention. Voice and animation also benefit from AI, allowing better in-game non-player characters. 

❯❯ Case study: Netmarble

Netmarble uses many of these services, leveraging AI technologies and ML to grow their business to over 35 titles and into 120 countries.

Using Chatbot solution to improve customer satisfaction

Customers expect a live chat response in 30 to 90 seconds, according to Simply Contact. The Contact Center AI can lower costs and improve customer satisfaction by delivering natural interactions with virtual agents, freeing up agent time, and providing actionable insights. Natural interactions with virtual agents give a lifelike customer experience that supports multi-turn conversations powered by Google Assistant. Human agents have more time to focus on complex or specialized calls and serve customers better with workflows, real-time information, and turn-by-turn guidance. Analytics and reporting can uncover customer sentiment, common reasons for calls, and much more.

❯❯ Case Study: Verizon

One example is Verizon, which used the Google Contact Center AI to lower overall costs and increase the performance of human agents. 

How CloudMile and Google Cloud enpowers Digital Native Industries?

Compared to traditional companies, digital native companies have an agile mindset to meet their customers’ needs and pain points. Through easy-to-use AI like Video AI, Contact Center AI, AutoML and also smart analytics solutions provided by Google Cloud, GCP is an excellent partner for digital native industries on their ways to business success, from enhancing content quality, to optimising customer experience.  

Plus, to help optimize GCP and accelerate business opportunities, CloudMile, Google Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP) empowers businesses to accelerate digital transformation through cloud technology and customised machine learning.

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