Personalised Customer Engagement Made Easy with CloudMile and Twilio

Personalised interactions and prompt response equal good service for today’s customers: movies are a click away, food gets delivered to your doorstep. With this increasingly individualised service, it’s becoming crucial for companies to personalise engagement with customers to tackle their inquiries quickly and do it through the communication channels.

Are you having problems with customer engagement?

Customer engagement is about building relationships. However, siloed data across systems, over-reliance on third-party data, and campaign-driven communication make it difficult to deliver truly personalised engagement with customers at every step of their journey. The rapidly growing number of communication channels and needs to scale intelligent customer services make personalised engagement even more challenging.

To conquer these customer engagement conundrums, Twilio, a customer engagement platform, gives businesses the tools to tap into real-time, personalised communications. To create hyper-personalised journeys like real-time recommendations and interact with customers based on their Lifetime Value Prediction, CloudMile can offer further support. With Twilio and CloudMile solutions, businesses can accelerate time for data collection and integration, get the most out of data with AI models, and then leverage the power of customer engagement tools.

Customer engagement is about building relationships. With CloudMile data solution and Twilio communication engagement tools, businesses can provide data-driven personalised service and better customer experience. (Source: Unsplash)

Collect Data From Multiple Data Sources

First, Twilio makes data collection easier by connecting to multiple data sources and collecting data through channels like websites, backend servers, mobile sources and so on. Identifiable traits help to link registered and anonymous user web data from direct-to-consumer online stores, providing valuable insights about the products viewed by each customer. Data from backend servers provides a more granular view of past purchases and captures the customers behaviours, providing a valuable point for connecting customers and their preferences.

Mobile sources also provide insights and bring data that is very much “in the hands of the customer” like the apps installed. Finally, additional data from other cloud services allows streamlined integrations such as routing customer support into the CRM platform. Once data is in, what do you do with it? 

Transform Data For Business Insights

Processing and analysing data from multiple sources is the midpoint between data collection and customer communication. This is where CloudMile and Google Cloud kicks in. 

CloudMile can help to customise AI models which dig into customer data and predict future behaviours of the customers. For example, to predict Customer Lifetime Value based on the present data to find out the right groups of customers that are most probably going to be interested in the specific campaigns and take action on it. In addition, the propensity model could be developed to further understand the propensity of the customers, such as the likelihood of buying or churn. Then businesses can plan their key focus and marketing strategy based on those insights. 

CloudMile offers data solutions from data transformation to business insights. For example, the propensity model could be developed to further understand the propensity of the customers, such as the likelihood of buying or churn.

Connect With Customers Through Personal Channels

Meeting customers on their preferred channels is the final touchpoint for personalised communication. With the Twilio service, businesses can quickly integrate with powerful APIs to start building solutions for SMS and WhatsApp messaging, voice, video, and email. Contextualised messages, flexible workflows, and seamless cross-channel communications empower your teams to engage customers in powerful new ways.

CloudMile and Twilio — Hyper-Personalised Customer Engagement Made Easy

CloudMile is a cloud and AI company empowering businesses to accelerate digital transformation through cloud technology and machine learning. We are also the Managed Service Partner certificated by Google Cloud in Singapore/Taiwan/HK. 

Now, CloudMile is proud to partner with Twilio to bring best-in-class customer engagement to businesses. We are here to help analyse your business use case and integrate Twilio into your cloud software stack today. For more information, feel free to contact us. 

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