The Secret of CloudMile! 3 Essential Traits Companies Look For in AI Specialists Recruitment

The adaptation of AI technology has recently swept across all industries, the demand for such talents has risen along with the trend. According to, a human resource service website in Taiwan, there are more than 6000 full time job openings for Al Technology specialists on a conservative estimate. It is now such a hot topic that among all the related openings, Artificial Intelligence Engineer won first place on the list of jobs with the greatest  potential determined by companies in 2019. Now let’s dive in to this topic and find out what traits a Data Scientist or a Machine Learning Engineer should have. We interviewed a few experts from our Machine Learning Engineering Team at CloudMile in the hopes to give fellow companies a little bit more insight on how to recruit AI talents perfect for the job.

AI Talents’ Essential Traits 1: The Understanding of the Fundamental Knowledge of Machine Learning

When we’re talking about real estate investments, we know that the ultimate keys are location, location, and location. The concept is similar in AI Adaptation, the core elements are Data, Data, and once again, Data. ML is an important link in Data empowerment. Let’s explain this idea with the process of coffee making. Data is like the raw unprocessed coffee beans, ML is the different methods of brewing and tools you would use. Finally, you come up with this nice aromatic cup of coffee, this coffee represents AI.

The head of the Machine Learning Engineering Team at CloudMile, Mr. Chu shared his thoughts with us. In job interviews, he would ask questions to help him determine the appliers’ basic knowledge with Python or Java. Furthermore, the understanding of the Machine Learning Theory is also one of his focal points in an interview. “With the modern developments of algorithms and software packages becoming more and more convenient, we now can simply connect API or utilize open source softwares to train basic models.” However, knowing the demands of our clients to further spot the improvements needed for the models as well as evaluate and choosing the best Machine Learning model is the key power to top AI experts.

AI Core Techcology and Keywords


  • Algorithm:Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Reinforcement Learning
  • Hardware:Parallel computing, Graphics Processing Unit, Cloud Computing, and AI chip

Technical Level

  • Computer Vision:Pattern Recognition, Facial Recognition, and Biometric Identification
  • Speech:Audio System, Speech Recognition
  • NLP:Natural language processing, Machine Reading Comprehension, Machine Translation, Text Manipulation

Practical Level

  • Recommender system:Intelligent Recommender System and Intelligent Recommendation Engine
  • Intelligent Transportation System:Self-driving (Auto Pilot) and  Driving Assistance
  • Virtual Assistant:AI Customer Service and AI Voice Assistants

AI Talents’ Essential Traits 2: Be an Inquisitive Learner

How does CloudMile offer customized AI solutions in response to the various needs form different enterprises such as finance and e-commerce industry? This all goes down to how this start-up company values the importance of continuous learning, more specifically, self-learning. Machine learning engineers Mr. Liu and Miss Jiang both mentioned, with the ever-changing technology and situations, CloudMile offers the chances for Trial and Error. People are able to find a sense of achievement and pleasure in analyzing data of the projects. What’s more, people have the opportunity to study the subjects they favor. The more they do so, the more experience they accumulate throughout the the process of helping their clients. This ultimately leads to building a perfect machine learning module.

Serving as one of Google Cloud’s Premier Partner as well as a pioneer in adopting AI technology to Taiwanese conventional industries, CouldMile has great opportunity to collaborate with the top 100 industries nationally and globally. Data scientist Mr. Wu from CloudMile told us, “The drive for self-learning stems from the passion for problem solving. Since we deal with different sorts of data from Preprocessing to Model Training, the patience for learning and self-improving is extremely crucial to facing unknown challenges.”

AI Talents’ Essential Traits 3: the Interdisciplinary Communication and the Ability to Put it into Practice

The members of the Machine Learning team in CloudMile come from diverse backgrounds. Aside from Information Engineering majors, our engineers also come from Biology, Mechanics, Civil Engineering, and Finance majors. The advantages of a interdisciplinary AI team is that we possess the Know-Hows of industries. We have a better understanding with what our clients need and better assist these businesses to expand with AI technology.

The communication in the team is one extremely key factor as the team members all had different backgrounds outside of Information Engineering. A smooth communication helps bond the team for teamwork spirit. The head of the team Mr.Chu emphasizes that a good communication doesn’t mean being a smooth talker or outgoing, but rather being able to express your thoughts clearly. That’s how you keep the team running flexibly.

CloudMile Continues to Expand Dedicated to Offer the Best AI Solution Services for Asian Enterprises

CloudMile Starting International Team Welcome All AI Talents and Expert to Join 

CloudMile is proud to announce the winning of a Pre-B Series Funding this year. With branches spreading from Taiwan to Hong Kong and all the way to Singapore, CloudMile has served hundreds of enterprises. We are very thankful for the love and supports from our clients ranging in the media industry as well as the international E-commerce and retail industry. What’s more, Ainotam, from our subsidiary MarTech launched Feedlio, a graphics editing tool especially designed for GSA (Google Shopping Ads). Another tool launched is Loupe, a one stop ad optimization platform to help advertisers and Marketing Agencies. The tool helps to optimize ads managing ads and improves market performance.

CouldMile has also established an AI Research and Development Center in Taiwan. In the future, we hope to pour in more resources into the developments of the retail, gaming, and medical care industry. CloudMile is recruiting and hoping to expand, if you’re an AI expert with knowledge from cross industries, we would like to invite you to check out this page to learn more.For more information please check out our Facebook and LinkedIn page.


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