Top 3 benefits of working with a cloud partner

Are you ready for the cloud? Well, with Gartner predicting public cloud spending to exceed 45% of enterprise IT expenditure by 2026 (up from 17% in 2021), there’s no time to wait. Besides, according to CIO, the cloud computing market revenue in Southeast Asia is estimated to reach US$40.32 billion by 2025, as a result of increased demand for cloud computing among SMEs. 

But, how do you make sure you don’t waste your IT budget and bring inefficiencies in orchestrating cloud migrations, adding unexpected costs and delays.

Forward-thinking businesses recognize the difficulties with migrating IT systems to the cloud and integrating multiple cloud services. Rather than doing all that work in-house, many of those companies turn to cloud partners to solve their cloud migration and tackle management challenges.

What are the main types of partnerships?

The value that partners can deliver, may vary, depending on the partners’ capabilities. It can range from consultation services to end-to-end coverage as a managed services partner.  The most common partnership types are outlined below; however, do note that partners may offer customized services that overlap the different scopes. Some types of partner services are as follow: 

  • Consultant 

    A Consultant provides a technical team that gives recommendations on the best use of cloud services, cost optimization strategies, integration and architecture advice, and support.

  • Reseller 

    A Reseller sells the cloud service on behalf of the cloud vendor and also handles the billing and billing-related administrative support. 

  • Value-Added Reseller (VAR) 

    A Value-Added Reseller offers access to a single cloud service or a combination of services and often additional extras to add value for customers. 

  • Managed Service Provider (MSP) 

    A Managed Service Provider is a partner that takes the responsibility to manage a customer’s public cloud environment and acts as an external DevOps or infrastructure team, according to site reliability engineering (SRE) principles. It provides added values that can offload the customer’s in-house team’s workload and focus on fulfilling the business requirements while the MSP takes care of the day-to-day (and overnight!) heavy lifting.

Three reasons why you should choose a cloud partner

Cloud partners help public cloud vendors get closer to customers across the globe. They offer various added services to help SMEs/companies/enterprises choose the best-suited cloud services, including migration and integration services, local DevOps support, and billing optimization. 

  • 24/7 technical support 

Get 24/7 support* from certified Cloud Engineers and Data Scientists in your local language and time zone. Cloud partner will assist in escalating issues that cannot be resolved internally to Cloud Service Provider Support Team for resolution.

With CloudMile Billing-As-A-Service, customers are entitled to complimentary 8x5 support to ensure support coverage during business hours; and for more stringent support requirements,  24/7 support coverage is available with CloudMile Managed Service Option.  

  • Fully managed service 

MSP partners aim to make your cloud experience as pleasant as possible. They can provide fully managed service, from consulting, designing, migration, cloud deployment, operation management, cost optimization to architecture review. It aims to allow your IT department to focus on the core business activities while cloud partners cover your IT maintenance, keeping track of the alert and anomaly detection. Working with a managed service provider like CloudMile, you can get DevOps or infrastructure support without needing to hire/train a bunch of new IT employees and also service license agreement (SLA) according to your business needs. 

Get more information about CloudMile Managed Service Packages. 

  • Easier cloud management and Cloud Cost visibility

A comprehensive cloud management platform is a vital component of MSP that provides a single control pane for easy monitoring of cloud spend. The features include monitoring of services, billing trends, monthly invoices, and tracking of support tickets. This service offering is beneficial, especially to small businesses. Billing-as-a-service is an efficient offering to optimize cloud spend with annual infrastructure review for technical professionals and a user-friendly cloud management platform. 

CloudMile has a strong sense of urgency and professionalism, which was needed during the POC and go-live phases.

I-Access Solutions Manager DevOps, Jeffrey Zhi Ye

How CloudMile helped I-Access Solutions enhance operational efficiency with Google Cloud


I-Access Solutions engaged CloudMile to leverage the power of Google Cloud to enhance operational efficiency for trainers and educators. Established in 2002, I-Access Solutions has experienced professionals with deep domain knowledge in the Training and Adult Education (TAE) industry. The in-house team developed their proprietary Training Management System (TMS) for providers in the TAE industry to help them manage their daily operations.

However, the team struggled with the increasing workload as the customer base grew steadily. As more customers were onboarded eTEAMS (Education & Training e-Administration Management System), I-Access Solutions realized it needed a more efficient and sustainable way to run its business. They reached out to CloudMile, which offers a suite of comprehensive services from migration planning and managed services to round-the-clock technical support. 

CloudMile took over the operational activities with 24x7 monitoring and technical support, leaving I-Access Solutions to focus on the critical development and business strategy for expanding services within Asia and international markets.

Switch to managed services today

CloudMile offers managed service to help your organization control resource and DevOps training costs, reduce the pressure of IT operations, and keep pace with the rapid changes in tech. Go to CloudMile Managed Service to find out more.

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