“CloudMile provided various in-depth training and consultancy, helping Anue shorten the time scale of entering a new Cloud service platform. The spontaneous, high-quality services CloudMile offers also reassure us.“

Site Reliability Engineer of Anue,
James Lu


Anue has been founded for more than 20 years. In order to ensure stability and speed, Anue once used self-built server rooms coupled with dedicated connection. Yet after Anue migrated to the Cloud in 2016, it abandoned dedicated connection on Cloud due to high costs and technical challenges.

In the last two years, Anue started its transformation into FinTech and launched a blockchain-based digital identity service named “YesID”, in order to provide optimal financial service to investors. As the targeted clients of “YesID” are financial institutions, Anue began to search for a cloud platform with local data center in Taiwan, in compliance with Taiwan’s regulations.

Additionally, as Anue has fully containerized, it has been paying attention to Kubernetes hoping to find a better management approach. But if Anue runs Kubernetes on the original platform, it may encounter challenges such as relatively high pricing and fewer features to choose from. These are the reasons why Anue decided to use GKE in pursuit of bitter quality.

James Lu, Site Reliability Engineer of Anue stated that in terms of Financial IT, mere seconds can result in large differences. Google Cloud operates a data center in Taiwan, which offers low-latency, high-efficiency services that are more compliant with Taiwan’s financial regulations. This allows Anue to focus on bringing better financial news and FinTech services to the users in Taiwan.


Top 4 advantages GCP offers Anue:

GCP Advantages Explanation
1. Low Internet Latency Google Cloud owns a data center in Taiwan, which contributes to low latency and high efficiency. Thus investors can get instantaneous and comprehensive market information. 
2. Inclusiveness of GKE’s Service  Because Kubernetes is an open source system designed by Google, adopting it on GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) gives you more integrated service regarding the infrastructure and features.
3.Cut Equipment Costs App development and deployment strategy was often limited by machines and equipment. After adopting GCP, there won’t be any excessive costs on equipment.  
4. Highly Flexible Storage Space Utilizing GCP makes your storage space more flexible and scalable, which can support changes in the number of workloads.



The GCP services Anue currently uses include GKE, GCE, Memory Store, Cloud SQL, Storage, Container Registry, and Stackdriver. Also, Anue is among the top five Taiwanese organizations that utilize Partner interconnect.


The applications Anue currently deployed on GCP are all backend programs. Stability, security, and speed are the major managing objectives of backend programs. And stability not only means to keep a program operating normally, but also requires resilience when errors occur, which is what GKE excels in. In addition, services for internal use don’t have to open to the outside, but only need to provide clusters with internal access. This also reflects the requirements of security and speed.

Benefits Explanation
Cut Costs by More Than 50% Take the Production environment of information source for example. The initial evaluation indicated that Anue needed at least 14 n1-standard-2 machines. If the traffic isn’t factored in, these 14 machines would cost more than 300 thousand TWD per year. 

At present, Anue uses 12 n1-standard-2 machines on Production, which costs roughly 150 thousand TWD annually (committed use discounts and preemptible VM discounts not included.) Therefore the expenditure is cut by 50% just in terms of the VM.

Boosted Resource Leverage and Efficiency by More Than 40% Switching to GKE also changes the evaluation method of resources; VM’s use rate increased from 20~40% in the past to now 40~60%. The aspects of resource leverage and efficiency both improved considerably.



At the beginning of the project, CloudMile provided multiple professional training according to Anue’s needs, including training on GKE, Stackdriver, Pub/Sub, BigQuery, and so on. Meanwhile, CloudMile provides professional advice on the cloud infrastructure to help Anue’s staff quickly familiar with Google Cloud, with little time wasted on trial and error.

Even when certain issues surface, CloudMile can offer effective and spontaneous help. For instance, Anue once encountered a problem when Stackdriver couldn’t monitor GKE’s information. CloudMile immediately sent technical staff to help solve the problem. “CloudMile provides swift, thoughtful, and high-quality services. We feel very reassured working with CloudMile!” said James Lu.

James Lu, Site Reliability Engineer of Anue indicated that CloudMile provided various in-depth training and consultancy, helping Anue shorten the time scale of entering a new Cloud service platform. The spontaneous, high-quality services CloudMile offers also reassure us.


Anue has provided financial media business and financial innovation services since 1999. Anue has been accompanying many Taiwanese investors and is a financial media trusted by investors. At present, they focus innovation energy on helping investors make more accurate investment decisions.

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