“We really appreciate the assistance from CloudMile that helps us resolve challenges in the process of development and allows us to invest our resources in developing the content of games, as we expected they should be” “

Yile Head of R&D,
Mezi Wu

Yile Technology (Yile) has upheld the philosophy of “innovation and attentiveness.” since the foundation in 2018. Yile gathers a decent DevOps Team, full of game lovers, to develop their own games. From game design, production, testing to release, and even its roadmap to globalization are deployed on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). In the very beginning, Yile has decided to build 100% of its infrastructure on the top of GCP, considering that Google  has a data center located in Taiwan, which makes the transmission speed faster, more stable and ensures data security. Google’s  data center distribution globally matches Yile’s market roadmap. In just three years, Yile had the honour to introduce well-known mobile games and acquired more than 1 million members. This success built up Yile’s reputation in the gaming  industry and allowed it to march into the international market.

Collaboration with professional technology team allows Yile’s IT staff to concentrate on developing games

On the path to globalization, Yile realized that it is an extremely arduous task to hold 15,000 players online while providing a smooth gameplay experience worldwide for each of them. Therefore, Yile reached out to CloudMile, which has rich digital transformation  consultation experience, one-stop technology support, advice on optimization, and even managed services. This collaboration helped Yile reduce the costs in human resources massively. Besides, it also allows their IT staff to concentrate on game development and keeps providing a better gameplay experience. 

CloudMile helped Yile reduce 40% of IT operation and 60% of HR costs

Yile utilized great flexibility, scalability, and autoscaling capabilities of GCP, ensuring that the applications have the capacity they need as they scale through the reserved GCE virtual machine. 

For example, whenever Yile attracts a massive number of players into a game through a large promotion, GCP is able to respond to the situation with Managed Instance Groups (MIGs), which automatically dispatch the number of machines required and adjust to the corresponding level. The IT staff of Yile only needs to monitor the Dashboard and alert to take full control over the system. This allows Yile to provide smooth and uninterrupted high-quality game services, reduce the costs of IT staff , infrastructure operation and maintenance. Moreover, Yile can now execute the advanced operation and maintenance strategies. For example, game developers can easily deploy and manage applications through the GKE environment to accelerate the launch process of games. Meanwhile, the Rolling Update mechanism on GKE is utilized for system  maintenance. Before adopting GKE, Yile needed to shut down the server for 30 to 60 minutes when updating the application version. But now, apart from the regular data backup service, Yile can maintain the server with zero downtime , which stabilizes the quality of game servers. Besides, Yile transferred its database to Cloud SQL in the early stage. Cloud SQL provides automatic data backup, duplication, encryption, fix, and capacity upgrades. Even though the Database Administrator (DBA) may be missing at that time, Yile still enjoys high-quality database service!

During the past three years, the number of machines Yile use on GCP has gradually increased by 4 times, but our costs of infrastructure architecture, operation and maintenance have reduced by 30 to 40%. Besides, the company reduced the cost of human resources by 60%.

CloudMile actively assists Yile in globalization process

Under the collaboration with CloudMile and Google Cloud, Yile has successfully built a gaming ecosystem from game development, operation to market expansion. 

Thanks to the assistance from the professional technological team of ClouldMile, Yile has the GCP's cutting-edge features. This assistance helps them not only reduce the time in establishing infrastructures and let IT developers to concentrate on development that accelerates game launch schedule and keeps Yile abreast of the trend, but also allows the company to expand markets in Southeast Asia, Europe and America and to continue to provide quality and innovative game services!

Yile Technology

YiLe Technology was founded in Taiwan in 2018. It specializes in mobile game development. Through its games, Yile not only brings superior gaming experiences to the players but also shows its beliefs and passion in the gaming industry.

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