“CloudMile met our initial expectations by providing technical support twenty-four seven and uninterrupted maintenance and updates.“

CTO of iCook,


Ten years ago, Richard and I, and one of our friends, had huge interest in cooking and ambition on the internet. Therefore, we decided to create a safe platform for people who love cooking and show that cooking is no longer a pressure for your daily life.

Due to the benefits from sharing, we become more willing to share with family and friends around us, making cooking become one of the trending topics to create happinesses.


iCook was established in 2011, since then over 6 million online visitors each month with over 200 thousand recipes. iCook integrated cooking related resources from all over Taiwan so that users can use this platform to enrich bits of knowledge related to cooking, including reading recipes, watching cooking videos, and acquiring kitchen utensils. Currently, iCook has accumulated over 5 million registered members, and thanks to their recommendations, it has become the first choice for people who have the need for cooking ideas.

We are proud to say that the rise of our platform pushed three transformations of technology in Taiwan, which are the cloud, social media, and online technology. The success of the platform is connected to our continuous effort in improving our services and user experience. But of course, luck is always something that may help a bit.

Fox, CTO, iCook


In order to provide users with the best usage quality, we asked CloudMile, an AI company that has rich technical support and implementation experiences, to recommend solutions suitable for iCook. CloudMile suggested that we use CloudFlare to add functions such as cloud firewall (CloudFlare Firewall), content transfer (CDN), domain name server (DNS), and edge computing (Workers, WorkerKV) to enhance the security of data transmission and further improve the performance of the website so that it is prepared for any emergencies, and to ensure that services will not be interrupted.

For example, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, growing demand for fitness and seeking to improve quality of life, people cook at home quite often nowadays. These lead to significant increase of 40% traffic growth to iCook compared to the same period last year. Therefore, stable, safe and fast CloudFlare mobile technology allowed us to accommodate more users to visit the iCook platform.


We must focus three things on service platform: Firstly, quick data loading speed, with the support of the CloudFlare mobile technology, the speed can be increased easily to over 20 times; Secondly, achieve fast, stable, and safe network services without geographical restrictions thanks to CloudFlare for saving over 75% of iCook’s cache traffic, content can be transmitted to CDN nodes in different countries, achieving guarantee in quality for low latency; Thirdly, prevent DDoS attacks and other information security issues, since large amounts of data often create breaches in information security. After consulting with CloudMile technical consultants, they recommended CloudFlare Firewall, which has already blocked over 200 thousand virus attacks, putting our mind at ease and also saving one-third of our budget without additional costs.

CloudMile met our initial expectations by providing technical support twenty-four seven and uninterrupted maintenance and updates; the new CloudFlare technology helped us ensure the accuracy, completeness, availability, and integrity of the information. We hope to connect people through their love of cooking and power of technology support, leading the trend of iCook to create better lives.

Richard, CTO, iCook


With more than 200,000 recipes, 2.5 million registered members, and 5 million monthly unique active users. iCook is the largest recipe-sharing social platform in Taiwan . One out of every three females in Taiwan use iCook.

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