4 Ways to Build up an Effective Remote Work | CloudMile x Google Workspace

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Nowadays, 5G、AI (Machine Learning)、Cloud Computing、Fintech、Remote Work are highly popular issues worldwide.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the significance of “enterprise resilience” has come into focus, including how to predict future trend and get prepared to overcome more challenges. Currently, more enterprises and companies implement” remote work” to stay in business and make their teamwork ongoing. However, how to make teamwork and collaboration more efficiently and effectively are much more urgent than ever.

CloudMile x Google Cloud plan a series of Google Workspace webinars to build up an efficient and communication remote work environment!

Event Highlights 

Tools for Building an Effective Team- An integrated workspace that’s simple to use and using Google AI and search technology let you spend less time managing your work.

Learning From Successful Customer Stories - Learning key wins from successful cases helps you seize opportunities to win and make decisions better!

Meeting up Professional Tech. TeamsProfessional Google & CloudMile engineers meet up online to answer technical issues and make digital transformation possible.

Get one free Google Nest Audio - Please register, attend this webinar and in the end fill in the questionnaire, you will have an opportunity to win lucky draw.


Time:October 7th. (THU) 10:30-11:30

Location:Join this webinar after registration


 Time  Title   Speakers
 10:30-10:35 Opening

CloudMile Cloud Architect - Kongwah Lee

 10:35-11:05 Using Google Workspace to Build Up an Efficient x Communication Remote Team! CloudMile Cloud Architect  -Kongwah Lee
 11:05-11:15  Case Study Google Workspace Customer Engineer  -Daniel Chia
 11:15-11:20  Summary CloudMile
 11:20-11:30  Q&A  CloudMile & Google Workspace


*This seminar has review mechanism. Those who fails the review will not be notified.

**This seminar is organized by CloudMile, which reserves the right to alter the layout and plans of the event and the right to limit or deny access to any entity or individual as well.

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