Accelerate Data Sharing Across Cloud

CloudMile X Fivetran X Google Cloud webinar

Data ecosystem is constantly evolving and the needs of proper technologies to move data are advancing to keep up with new requirement. For organizations with multiple data sources, it can be difficult to manage all the pipeline that's moving data around. 

The importance of data movement and transformation is the key to manage data in the cloud. Most organizations failed due to the complexity of using and managing multiple differents toolset.

In this online webinar, we’ll cover the best way to move and transform data from various data sources into the cloud and what are the possible additional value that your data can bring to your organization.


  • Lee Kong Wah, Solution Architect, CloudMile
  • Seyan Thurairajah, Account Executive, Fivetran APAC


  • Date & time: 29th March 2022, Tuesday @ 14:00-15:00 (GTM+8)
Time Agenda Speaker


Opening - Welcome Speech

Jeremy Heng, SEA Lead, CloudMile


Build and automate your data pipeline to the cloud

Seyan Thurairajah, Account Executive - APAC, Fivetran


Accelerate your data transformation with Google Cloud

Lee Kong Wah, Solution Architect, CloudMile


Q&A All

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