Secure Your Data In The Multi-Cloud Era

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Join this webinar to learn how to drive cost-effective, innovative business decisions in a cloud-first world and understand why leading companies across industries are choosing Google Cloud and Veeam to accelerate cloud adoption and DR / BC strategy.

Participants will be able to know CloudMile’s case reference and what CloudMile can help advise on Google Cloud and Veeam backup solutions.

Event Highlights 

✓ Build the Cloud-First worldLearning the best practices to optimize your IT infrastructure, accelerate cloud adoption, Actualize savings and achieve DR and compliance goals.

✓ Learn From Successful Customer StoriesLearning key wins from successful cases helps you seize opportunities to win and make decisions better!

✓ Meet up Professional Tech. Team - Professional engineers meet up online to answer technical issues and make digital transformation possible.


Time:March 30 (Wed.) 14:30 - 15:30

Location:Join this webinar after registration


 Time  Title   Speakers
 14:30-14:35 Opening

CloudMile -

Country Manager - Eric Wong

 14:35-14:45 Digital Transformation with Google Cloud

Google Cloud -

Cloud Partner Engineer - Ridge Xu

 14:45-15:05 Fill In Your Critical Needs In Your Backup / DR Strategy

Veeam -

Regional Systems Engineer - Chris Wong

 15:05-15:15 Make Digital Transformation Possible

CloudMile -

Country Manager - Eric Wong

 15:15-15:30 Q&A  CloudMile & Google Cloud & Veeam

*This seminar has review mechanism. Those who fails the review will not be notified.

**This seminar is organized by CloudMile, which reserves the right to alter the layout and plans of the event and the right to limit or deny access to any entity or individual as well.

Register for the webinar