Supercharge Your Security Strategy with Google

CloudMile | Google Cloud Online Webinar

Google as the world’s largest internet search engine, has up to almost 40% of the web traffic worldwide, it is undoubtedly a pioneer in developing security protections before many other organizations even see the threat. Join this webinar to learn how your business can adopt Google-class security to protect your global operations with enhanced threat detection, investigation and response programs.

Sherman Chow from Google Cloud, will walk us through the key strengths and values of Google Cloud Security for business. Mandiant, named a leader in cybersecurity Incident Response (IR), will then share how their IR ability and SaaS platform help business to develop stronger security programs. Lastly, our Cloud Architect, Alex Fung will shed light on Chronicle, a cloud-native SIEM, and demonstrate how it can ingest massive amounts of telemetry data for security analysis in one workflow.

Event Highlights 

Adopt Google-class security - Owning up to 40% of web traffic worldwide, Google has a definite advantage in seeing security threats before any other organisations do.

It’s all seamless and managed - Google security products are seamlessly integrated in its cloud offerings and can be fully managed.

Meet our security experts - Chat with our experts from Google Cloud, CloudMile and Mandiant to enhance your cybersecurity tactics.


Time:September 15 (Thurs) 14:30 - 15:20

Location:Online (Join link will be shared upon confirmation)


 Time  Title   Speakers
 14:30-14:35 Opening


 14:35-14:50 Google Security Overview

Google Cloud -

Regional Lead - Security Sales, North AsiaSherman Chow

 14:50-15:05 Mandiant Advantage Platform

Mandiant -

Presales System Engineer - Manfred Hung

 15:05-15:15 Demo: Chronicle, a cloud-native SIEM

CloudMile -

Cloud Architect - Alex Fung

 15:15-15:20 Q&A  CloudMile, Google Cloud & Mandiant

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