The user experience has been playing an important role in this era. How to maintain a customer-focused mindset at the core of the business operation is extremely critical. Users embark on their experience journeys once they receive information, which is why a seamless and safe business website is critical to the user experience.

Research indicates that 40% of the consumers bounce from a web page when the load time takes more than three seconds; every extra second of load time brings down customer satisfactory rate by 16%. The result reveals how relevant website speed is to the users. Therefore, a brand needs to work on page load speed so as to boost its sales.

In the digital era, companies gradually migrate their assets onto the cloud and continuously utilize the internet as the major communication channel toward consumers. Most brands have been pursuing the way to optimize website performance with CDN and to create a secure user environment. Aiming to satisfy different businesses’ demands, CloudMile, an Asian cloud service provider specialized in AI, works with mlytics, a Multi CDN expert to launch MileCDN, a platform which features Multi CDN along with refined WAF and DDoS protection features.

MileCDN has three important features: Multiple CDN subscription and management, AI load balancing, and security protection. MileCDN brings you the optimal Multi CDN services on one single platform. The UI is easy to use, and you can create a clear, beautiful report for integrated analysis on the platform.

Many companies chose to enter the Chinese market for business expansion. However, it’s a large territory that requires a solid website delivery strategy; CDN providers also deploy their data centers differently. One of the pain points for many companies is to adapt to local regulations, and leverage different CDN provider’s resources to reach optimized efficiency. MileCDN’s AI load balancing is able to continuously monitor the performance of each area, automatically switch between CDN service providers, and keep optimizing the performance of a website.

Edward Hu, Growth Marketing Manager of mlytics mentioned, “MileCDN and multiple CDN partners have more than 2,000 CDN nodes in and around China, which can cut the website load time by 50%. And the city-level performance optimization can bring the best user experience to users everywhere in China.”

There are plenty of high quality CDN providers on MileCDN, including Cloudflare, a long-term partner with CloudMile. MileCDN and Cloudflare have different use cases and are not mutually exclusive. Instead, they are customer-driven, complementing each other and can be used together depending on demands.

The successful partnership between CloudMile and Cloudflare will proven to be an important foundation for MileCDN. The past experience will empower the service and platform into a unique solution on the market.This aims to assist more brands that target the Asia-Pacific market and place their business focus in China.

In addition, many brands have encountered website service breakdown or data breach under cyber attacks. For many companies, this is more than just cash losses, but intangible impacts such as damaged brand reputation and customer distrust. To address the safety issue–what brands and users care the most, MileCDN has reactive, robust data security protection that can protect your internet services in real-time. WAF prevents OWSAP Top10 and DDoS attacks; it also allows a brand to configure its protection rules, guarding its business assets and user security in a comprehensive way.

“As the amount of information continues to grow, how to let users seamlessly receive information from a brand’s website and to build relationships in a secure environment becomes a determining factor in a business’ growing profits,” mentioned Locarno Pan, CloudMile’s Head of Business Development, APAC.

CloudMile chooses to debut its MileCDN in Cloud Expo Asia to show the Asia-Pacific market its willingness to provide the best-in-class website performance and security solution. The targeted verticals for the early phase will be gaming, telecoms, finance, and government-related authorities. The vision is to assist international brands in managing brand reputation, securing competitive advantages and intangible assets.

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