(From the left : CloudMile management team: COO, James Kao Founder&CEO, Spencer Liu CTO, Jonathan Wang CSO, Weiwei Chiang and Chief data scientist, Dr. Kao.)

Certified with both Google Cloud Machine Learning&Infrastructure Specialization, the single achiever in Northern Asia.

Target Smart Device manufacturing; present outstanding Taiwanese AI talents and technologies with diverse application scenes.

It is declared that CloudMile, the Asian Cloud service provider from Taiwan featuring AI technology attained the latest 2.6M co-investment from Fullerton Technology, Chaintech, Wenetgroup, and Substance Capital, before having received the 2M in A round funding during the Q2 in 2017. As The Founder&CEO Spencer Liu stated, “We look to leverage the latest funding, along with strategic investors’ abundant resources, to facilitate CloudMile’s expansion in Asian market. Except our original AI products, we also aim for Smart Device industry that applies diverse scenes of finance, e-business, media, gaming, and textile industry. This will make Taiwanese software, AI talents, and technology engines all stand out on global stage.”

Founded for just more than 1.5 years, CloudMile has experienced significant growth: CloudMile realized extraordinary business performance in its first year, and its Technology Team has been highly recognized with multiple certifications and was selected as the “Coolest 10 Startups” by MOST, together with Appier and Gogoro. Earlier this year, CloudMile and Google Cloud accomplished the first ever case of traditional industry deploying AI technology in Taiwan on GCP . And just in last week, CloudMile obtained the certification of Google Cloud Machine Learning Specialization, which prompts it to become the sole Google Cloud Premier Partner in Northern Asia that is certified with both Infrastructure and Machine Learning Specialization.

Spencer Liu, CloudMile’s Founder&CEO is a seasoned entrepreneur in Taiwan’s startup arena; he has placed emphasis not only on proficiency and customer service but also on nurturing talents. In order to better suit the market’s need, Yan-Xiang Wang, who has led the Machine Learning Team and facilitated the piloting deployment of AI in traditional industry, embarked on his career as the Chief Technology Officer in October; he will be working with the Chief Data Scientist, Zheng-Hua Guo, to enhance CloudMile’s growing expertise.

Among our first round of strategic investment partners: Fullerton Technology, a listed company focusing on B2B, B2C, and B2B2C digital technologies and software services, noticed CloudMile’s mature expertise in artificial intelligence and Cloud services. Richard Wu, the Chairman&CEO of Fullerton Technology, indicated that “Fullerton Technology envisions AI and 5G technology as the future technology stronghold. As CloudMile has supported itself with its excellent technology experts ready for its market expansion, Fullerton Technology expects to work with CloudMile to develop more smart devices and boost business values.”

As for Substance Capital, a well-known asset management company in Hong Kong, chose to increase its investment in CloudMile’s sales expansion after participating in the first round investment. As Substance Capital highlighted, “Applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in business models have gradually matured; this is where CloudMile showcases its advantages, and their great potential has been testified and proven. We believe AI is capable of boosting business competence, streamlining production process, and conducting in-depth analysis of consumer behavior and demands; these are expected to bring down operating costs as well as heighten operating efficiency. We anticipate that CloudMile will introduce its operating strategy combining AI and Cloud services to more Taiwanese enterprises and customers to further market progression. Hopefully we can export this successful business model to Hong Kong, Singapore, and South East Asian market.”

Upon obtaining the latest funding, CloudMile will plan out its overseas market and expect to launch its AI products and services in 2019.

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