By Christin, Quen

CloudMile, Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) sole strategic service partner in Asia, hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the Taiwanese startup’s official opening at its Taipei headquarters today.

Distinguished guests included Google Cloud team representative Peter Lok, Tai-Fu Association Founder and President Joseph Liao, Leopard Mobile Chairman David Wu, National Taiwan University’s MBA Program Professor Chia-shen Chen.

Google Cloud representative Peter Lok said, in his opening remarks that Google’s mission is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible, to everyone,” adding that the Cloud is an extension of what Google is.

“Google needs expertise in countries and within local regions to help our customers, such as CloudMile’s expertise with the data analytics and machine learning landscape in Taiwan,” Lok said. “I want to thank you for this opportunity to speak here today, and I trust this will be a great partnership to help move our customers onto the cloud in the near future.”

CloudMile is Founder and CEO Spencer Liu’s third attempt at starting a business, following the notable successes of his brainchildren eCloudvalley — Taiwan’s top AWS partner — and the first search engine catered to the Greater China market Yam’s e-commerce platform YamMarket.

“Starting a business takes courage. And I think the spirit of my third bid can be summed up through the words of British poet James Allen, who once said that ‘what people pursue is neither reputation nor status. It is courage.’ Courage comes from passion, and passion stems from putting in the hard work, one step at a time,” said Liu.

“I’d like to thank our partners for their support, as well as our team members — for their courage. Thank you all for joining us today for our official launch.”

Liu said CloudMile’s business model is simple, providing three core services. The first is helping companies move their services onto the cloud and accelerate their digital transformation: CloudMile has already been working with clients in the media industry and event ticketing platforms, added Liu.

CloudMile’s second service segment is big data solutions — harnessing massive amounts of data, converting them into actionable insights such as spotting Mandarin keywords that have been trending, using them to “speak the language of consumers” and boost marketing effectiveness.

The company also helps clients build intelligent applications, such as an internal system for detecting objects and texts within images.

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