CloudMile Brings Best-in-class Multi-Cloud Services to Asia

Expansion of geographic footprint and innovative service model reinforces CloudMile’s commitment to delivering unparalleled services to customers in Asia.

Singapore – 13 October, 2022 – CloudMile today announced a new multi-cloud strategy that leverages Google Cloud’s Anthos platform to enable multi-cloud environments for enterprises, aiming to deliver state-of-the-art innovation, higher performance, and reliability to customers in Asia. 

In addition, CloudMile recently launched “GCP-in-a-box” – an innovative subscription-based hybrid cloud service. The new service transforms the traditional capital expenditures (CapEx) model of hybrid cloud into an operating expenses (OpEx) model. CloudMile rolls out GCP-in-a-box to meet the growing demand for flexible cloud services. With the recent opening of its new Indonesia office, all these efforts demonstrate CloudMile’s commitment to bringing cloud services to the next level.

Jeremy Heng, country manager of CloudMile said: “The Singapore government has a Services 4.0 vision to guide the country’s response to capturing opportunities in the digital economy. In this vision, businesses can leverage emerging technologies to better fulfill customer needs, achieve higher productivity and unlock growth opportunities.”

“CloudMile sees cloud service at the core of these emerging technologies, and we are determined to be a key enabler and partner of enterprises under this vision. With the growing use of Google Cloud and Workspace across Southeast Asia, we are investing to expand our geographical footprint and innovating new solutions to support enterprises on their digital journeys,” added Jeremy.

Multi-Cloud Strategy

Embracing a multi-cloud strategy is a key milestone of CloudMile’s upgrade of its cloud service offerings.      Enterprises nowadays are looking for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud solutions to meet their diverse and evolving IT needs. According to IDC, over 80% of enterprises in Asia are operating in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment, with a mix of private and public infrastructures. 

Leveraging the capability of Anthos, CloudMile helps customers deploy, orchestrate, and optimize their applications on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Virtual Machines (VMs) within a single pane of glass in a secured manner, delivering consistent deployment and operational experience for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

The new strategy deepens CloudMile’s solution offerings by utilizing the latest innovations in the market and delivering them as a holistic solution to customers. MileLync, a software suite developed by CloudMile, will complement Anthos to monitor and analyze cloud consumption across multiple cloud platforms. CloudMile’s technical support teams in the region also provides 24X7 support to customers, managing their Google Workspace and multi-cloud environments.

Leveraging Google Cloud infrastructure

The Cloud Based Office Productivity Software market in Asia is forecast to reach US$9.9 Billion by the year 2027 according to ReportLinker. CloudMile has observed a surge in usage for Google Workspace in Singapore and across Southeast Asia and is setting its sights on growth opportunities in the region. Google Workspace seamlessly integrates all of the core elements of work, such as email, chat, video calling, document collaboration, and storage. Users can connect, create and collaborate, easily and securely, from wherever they are and whenever they need to work. 

According to a survey by Google, Google Workspace can help a user save 171 hours per year and reduce 20% of on-demand tech support, achieving 331% ROI. It enables employees to focus on their works in hand without worrying about the digital tools.

CloudMile is determined to provide holistic support to enterprises and users utilizing Google Cloud and Workspace. After setting up its operation in Malaysia in 2021, Cloud Mile recently launched a new office in Indonesia, and is planning more new offices in the region. The expansion enables CloudMile to serve enterprise customers locally and provide support in local languages. It also provides enterprises moving to the cloud with a service that functions as a one-stop-shop, where CloudMile can support their growth and cloud deployment from end-to-end, managing implementation, monitoring, optimization, infrastructure maintenance, and more.

In addition, to meet the growing demand for flexible cloud servicing in the region, CloudMile was able to utilize the recent Google and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) hybrid cloud partnership when it launched its first GCP-in-a-box subscription-based service in Southeast Asia. The new service provides enterprises with greater flexibility in managing their business goals.

“The advancement of cloud strategy and service models as well as investments in the region signify our commitment to customers. With our leadership in cloud service and artificial intelligence (AI), we are well positioned to support businesses accelerate their digital transformation in Singapore and Asia,“ said Jeremy.

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