CloudMile CEO: Giving new AI talent a stage essential to international competitiveness

The startup is activity seeking cloud architects to support its growing business in Singapore and Malaysia

Leading cloud and AI company CloudMile is seeking machine learning (ML) talents in the Singapore and Malaysia markets to strengthen its growing foothold in the region. With offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, the startup has already assisted more than 400 companies across 20 industries on digital transformation. According to CloudMile CEO Spencer Liu, the cultivation of regional talent will be critical to the company’s business development in the SEA market. 

As someone who discovered his own potential during the Dot-com age, Liu sees the opportunities the current AI era holds for young talents, not just to find good jobs, but to push themselves and evolve. 

We aim to establish a new model of talent cultivation in the industry. We are not necessarily looking for the people with the most impressive skills, but those with a strong growth mindset who are up to taking on new challenges. For startups, giving new talent a stage to prove themselves is essential to international competitiveness.

Spencer Liu, founder and CEO of CloudMile.

As a fast-growing startup headquartered in Singapore, CloudMile recently raised US$20 million in accumulated funding to develop the AI and cloud market in SEA. According to Liu, this means that team members are provided with the most top-of-the-line technology resources to develop their skills on disruptive innovation.

What’s more, as winner of the 2020 Google Cloud Public Sector Partner of the Year - APAC award, CloudMile boasts a highly symbiotic working relationship with Google Cloud. Unlike other startups focusing specifically on AI applications, CloudMile’s business model is to first modernize a company’s infrastructure via Google Cloud solutions, then build on that data foundation to establish a complete AI model for commercial applications. Liu noted that this gives new recruits the opportunity to deeply familiarize themselves with the most up-to-date GCP solutions.  

Liu attributes their choice of partner to Google’s “AI First” model. However, the company’s aim is not to rely on Google Cloud to develop its business, but rather establish a mutual dependence as Google moves to deploy its digital transformation services throughout the region.   

“To truly thrive in the cloud industry, a startup like CloudMile can’t only stand on the shoulders of giants,” says Liu. “You have to show your value to the big players and let them come to lean on you. That’s the kind of position CloudMile aims to occupy in the industry.” 

Liu added that to achieve this goal, CloudMile plans to work with local universities and polytechnics in Singapore and Malaysia to evaluate how best to nurture talents in AI, machine-learning, and data analytics.

“We aim to establish a new model of talent cultivation in the industry,” says Liu.
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