CloudMile Raises Nearly $14M in Series C Funding Led by Taiwan Mobile to Accelerate Cloud Innovations

CloudMile Raises Nearly $14 Million in Taiwan Mobile-led Series C Funding

As strategic partners, CloudMile and Taiwan Mobile will accelerate cloud innovations through a MSP model to fuel the future of enterprise cloud services and support a growing digital economy 

CloudMile, a leading AI and cloud service provider in Asia, today announced that it has closed a Series C funding totalling nearly USD $14 million. Led by Taiwan Mobile and Fullerton Technology, this significant investment serves as  a strong endorsement of CloudMile’s deep expertise in cloud services and big data analytics. Other notable investors in this funding round include Cathay Venture, Black Marble Capital Management and Potential Capital. 

Founded in 2017, CloudMile has continued to innovate and thrive in a highly competitive cloud industry. In the span of five years, the company has successfully garnered the attention of many investors and gained the endorsement from many clients with its services in consultancy, cloud migration, process optimization, cost management, and other additional cloud services provided through its MSP model. All of its services and offerings are aimed at helping businesses to accelerate their digital transformation. 

Spencer Liu, founder and CEO of CloudMile, said: “Our mission at CloudMile is to establish and develop a strong cloud ecosystem in Taiwan. We want to support businesses across all industries to leverage the flexibility and the power of the cloud to achieve digital transformation that can accelerate business growth and foster innovations.”


With successful strategy execution in ‘MSP’ and ‘Digital Platform Strategies’, CloudMile build a cloud ecosystem in five years and creates new business models and opportunities

In the midst of a post-COVID-19 era , CloudMile has successfully assisted  over 500 businesses in  their digital transformation with  solid teams of  specialists demonstrating its  ability to maintain growth and profitability.   It is also the first cloud service provider in Taiwan to be awarded with the full MSP accreditation from Google Cloud. 

Looking back at the early stages of CloudMile, which focused on digital-native enterprises, the company now successfully establishes a cloud ecosystem that supports a wide range of businesses across different sectors such as finance, semiconductor and high-tech industries— the success lies in its  two core strategies : MSP and Digital Platform Strategy.

Spencer Liu commented: “When CloudMile was first founded, we set out to be a ‘pure cloud’ service provider certified in a range of services including cloud migration, cloud infrastructure, data analytics, and machine learning. Since 2017, we have deepened our expertise over the years, helped clients plan and build their cloud infrastructures, and continuously implemented  and enhanced the cloud environment which eventually led us to achieve our MSP service.” 

CloudMile not only has a deep grasp and expertise in leveraging the power and the flexibility of the cloud but serves as a digital consultant for multiple clients and industries.

In addition, the other CloudMile’s business focus is ‘Digital platform strategy’:  providing particular solutions and services targeting various needs and requirements within  a cloud ecosystem. These services include cloud security, CDP or AI model development. 

Spencer says''Our strategy for digital platforms has always been important for enterprises looking for internal infrastructure transformation. Beside of modernizing ‘infrastructure as a service’ (IaaS) solutions to build a good digital foundation and boost business agility and scalability, through the use of data analytics and AI applications, enterprises will have the capability to respond to evolving consumer behaviors and demands quickly with data-driven business plans to reshape the status quo of the industry.''

With the 3-fold approach of ‘Cloud-Data-AI’ for digital transformation, CloudMile helps Taiwan’s customers acquire comprehensive business forecasting to boost their business intelligence and further elevate different industry performance across Taiwan.

Spencer Liu

Taiwan Mobile and CloudMile will expand to Southeast Asia and create a hybrid cloud integration with the MSP model

Jamie Lin, President of Taiwan Mobile, said that in the last three years, Taiwan Mobile has been actively transforming its technology and telecommunication business by  adding richer 5G experiences and services on its reliable telecom network for consumers to enjoy. The company spots great results in this area and heads towards the next   growth stage. 

Along with the digital transformation trend, Taiwan Mobile also foresees the huge demands and potential market growth within the Asia-Pacific region in terms of cloud migration, hybrid cloud model, PaaS (Platform as a Service,) SaaS (Software as a Service,) and AIaaS (AI as a Service.) “We are happy to form a partnership with our elite partner CloudMile, the first Google-certified Cloud MSP provider in Taiwan, to enrich our enterprise cloud ecosystem and help Taiwanese companies ‘Open Possible’ to new business opportunities.,” added Jamie Lin. “Together we will go further to the Greater Southeast Asian (GSEA) market and grow our market presence in the region as a technology and telecommunication conglomerate.”

Taiwan Mobile has observed that one of the greatest challenges a large corporation faces is how to respond to different technical needs from its subsidiaries, which often causes resource overlap and non-sharable and difficulties in data management.

In addition to developing  private cloud solutions, Taiwan Mobile has established  a professional data center and  owns rich resources in telecommunication-grade cybersecurity services. Its partnership with CloudMile will give rise to a synergy by leveraging CloudMile's public cloud services and expertise; Taiwan Mobile can also take advantage of  CloudMile's hybrid / multi-cloud  solutions  to support  customers to overcome the barriers during their  digital transformation and boost business productivity. 

CloudMile establishes a ‘Digital Economy Lab’ to bring together enterprise cloud services, data, and AI applications to empower enterprise digital transformation 

As strategic partners, CloudMile and Taiwan Mobile work together to strengthen the interoperability of AI and data analytics in the cloud. CloudMile has thus established a ‘Digital Economy Lab’ to support businesses in digital economy research, digital adoption and  commercialization. 

Spencer Liu commented, “CloudMile’s Digital Economy Lab brings together our Data Lab, AI Lab, and MSP expertise and services, to provide Cloud, Data, AI/ML application services. This includes a complete CDP service fully integrated with data analytics. ADsvantage is a CloudMile CDP product — covering data integration, data clustering, data tagging, and data manipulation, we can create a resilient and unified system for clients to store their data. This data storage system will also be interoperable with other systems. Therefore, in the future, this can be a cost-effective solution for businesses who have the issue of being too reliant on a huge marketing budget just to find new clients and maintain sales performance.”

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