CloudMile lauded for tech collaboration with public sector at the Asian Technology Excellence Awards

It received a top prize for its successful engagements with Singapore and Hong Kong.

Leading cloud and AI company in Asia, CloudMile successfully helped the public agencies of Singapore and Hong Kong in building on digitisation projects. This was accomplished by actively cooperating with overseas public authorities by providing AI technology services in assisting governments.

The main goals were to provide for digital transformations and offer more valuable services to the public.

To speed up detection of viruses, CloudMile also recently implemented data analytics and cloud platforms to give the government real-time insights into the movement of people within and outside of public facilities.

With its access to aggregated data in real-time, the government's ability to respond to emerging threats improved dramatically.

For these efforts, CloudMile won the AI - Public Sector category for Singapore in the recently concluded Asian Technology Excellence Awards, presented by Asian Business Review.

The awards programme aims to recognise exceptional companies that are riding the digital disruption wave and leading the technological revolution and digital transformation journeys in their respective industries.

Founded in 2017, CloudMile is a cloud and AI company that empowers businesses to accelerate digital transformation through cloud technology and machine learning. Its global professional team of over 100 employees has expanded to the Asia Market in the past years, spreading across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

It primarily offers Cloud Managed Services, which includes invoicing and billing, AI and ML, architecture design, cloud migration, securities, data analytics, corporate training, and 24/7 support.

The company currently has a portfolio of offering AI solutions across different industries such as high-tech manufacturing, gaming, health technology, and FSI, among others.

For its consideration for the awards programme, CloudMile noted its achievements with various companies.

The first achievement is with the online ordering platform Oddle. Through CloudMile, Oddle leveraged Google's Big Query to analyse its consumer’s behaviour to facilitate better recommendations on food choices.

According to Oddle CTO Pua Yong Xiang, CloudMile helped their company in adjusting to the growing demand for online orders.

“We have always been committed to the quest for better delivery and takeout service. Building a digital native business means we rely a lot on cloud to support our growing demand during this pandemic and understanding our customers to cater to their needs better,” he said.

Another notable achievement is the engagement with Our Better World. CloudMile provided managed service support to maintain high up time for the company.

Our Better World Head, Jeremy Heng said that CloudMile supported their journey by improving site performance and ensuring an optimal content viewing experience of their over 228,000 stories of goods across Asia.


CloudMile wins Asian Technology Excellence Awards
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